Cybersecurity awareness

for Corporate Employees



Cybersecurity Awareness Course for Corporate Employees


This cybersecurity awareness course covers the most common cyberthreats employees might face in the cyber world!

It is an easy-to understand course, provides best practices you can implement today to help you and your company stay safer online.

Every employee with Internet access needs to know about how to safeguarding his computers and networks.
Just one click on a malicious link in an email or visit to a fake website can provide access for cybercriminals, risking tremendous financial loss and downtime, release of sensitive data, and damage to the organization’s reputation.

Course Syllabus: 

  • Chapter 1: Handling Malwares & Unauthorized Software
  • Chapter 2: Protecting Sensitive Information
  • Chapter 3: Server Remote Access Security
  • Chapter 4: Email & Account Security
  • Chapter 5: Password Security
  • Chapter 6: Browser Security
  • Chapter 7: Reporting Incidents


  • The course contains demonstrations of some attacks as well as measurements in order to prevent these attacks from happening.
  • The course contains a quiz in the end to measure your level of understanding the course material.
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