Chapter 3:

Devices safety

15:53 Minutes

Cybersecurity awareness

Chapter Notes

We increasingly rely on our devices in our everyday life. However, the proliferation of all these devices in our everyday lives also poses a security risk if they are not secured properly as they can be used as new avenues of attack by cybercriminals. In this chapter, we review the techniques in which we can keep our devices secure. We also mentioned that some stuff is crucial to have such as antivirus and an active firewall.

links to all the tools mentioned in the video:

*Disclaimer* None of the tools mentioned in the video are for advertising purposes, as they are only examples & recommendations from our own experience to clarify some concepts.

Bitdefender & Sophos for PC and Mac


Bitdefender free:

Sophos Intercept-X:

Sohpos virus removal tool:

Bitdefender & Sophos For Mobile Devices

Intercept-X for Android:

Bitdefender for Android:

Intercept-X for iOS:

Bitdefender for iOS:

VirusTotal for all devices


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