Cybersecurity Awareness

for Corporate Employees


}  Duration: 57 minutes
  Level: Beginner
  This course offers a certificate of completion

Chapter 1 : Handling Malwares & Unauthorized Software

Learn how to defend yourself against malwares and also how to not fall for having one on your device by applying the best security measurments.

11:45 min

Chapter 2 : Protecting Sensitive Information

Learn how you can protect your sensitive information like credit card numbers and even confidential information within your orginization.

3:22 min

Chapter 3 : Server Remote Access Security

Learn how you can connect to a remote server secuirly and make sure your device isn’t exposed to any threat that could exist on the remote server.

3:51 min

Chapter 4 : Email Security

Learn how to keep your email secure by avoiding scam and phishing emails and being able to detect them.

6:14 min

Cont. Chapter 4: Account Security

Learn how to keep all of your accounts secure and give hackers no chances to be able to penetrate your accounts.

6:07 min

Chapter 5 : Password Security

Learn about the best practises in choosing a password and also how to make sure its never been used before or it won’t ever be guessed.

7:20 min

Chapter 6 : Browser Security

Learn how to apply the best practises for safely browsing the internet and also how to stay away from malicious pages and websites.

8:45 min

Cont. Chapter 6: Dangers of entering HTTP websites

Watch a complete demonstration of the consequences of entering HTTP websites.

5:11 min

Chapter 7 : Reporting Incidents

Learn the right way you should be reporting any cyber security incident to your manager or IT department to keep your organization safe.

5:41 min


This quiz is designed to measure your level of understanding this course. Please Do not attempt this quiz unless you’ve completed watching all chapters of this course.

Luai Ehsan

Instructor : Luai Ehsan is a Cybersecurity consultant and specialist. He is an expert and a researcher in Cybersecurity subjects and a Security tools developer with a strong background in Networks. Luai is a certified CEH, CompTIA Pentest+, CCNA, and a Cybersecurity speaker and trainer.

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